New ideas and a new face

For weeks I have been trying to make cakes for the family birthday meal out – woolen ones of course 😉 but all the patterns I have tried so far just haven’t come out looking anything as good as I would have hoped. In my search I came across Betz White‘s cupcakes in a recent issue of lets knit magazine and so decided I best get knitting up a few swatches ready for when I get my copy of Betz’s book to find out how to make the wonderful thing! I have also been scouring a few charity shops for sweaters too felt, I have found some great ones, and shall definitely be moving into recycled felting for my monsters in future due to its eco friendly-ness.
Here is my first venture into the world of felting. I put it through the machine twice on 60 degrees and it has come out in this lovely fabric, im so pleased that it works – Bonus!
You can also see my first finished cupcake! About time, I found one which I love, and i know the women in my family will also love.

And lastly, but not leastly, I have ordered some new glasses today (yep its been one busy day and i’ve not had any tea yet!). I have put a picture of them on here, but not one of me in them, the picture that Chris took I dont like so you will all just have to wait to see me in them :). They are fab, and i cant believe there were such a funky plasticy pair that were small enough for my face! Just got to wait to pick them up now so I can fully embrace my inner geek!
Anyway, off for some eats now and then to watch Beowolf!

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