Beaded Choker

I dont really have much to blog/show off this week but here goes. I got both my books and they are truly fantastic, I love them both they have some quirky ideas in them. I especially like the alternative festive hat and the two headed crocheted rat! but there are some other lovely bits in there like lacy crocheted gloves, over the knee socks and some wonderful sweaters/hoddies and coats for when I feel I have more time and the nights start getting a little darker.

I have knitted a lacy black choker for our night out last night where I drank far too much but did enjoy getting very dressed up, and of course looked fabulous. A good friend won free Bloodstock tickets again so I got to get one of them for free! So very exciting, I just hope the band get the opportunity to play.

I only wish I had a bit more inspiration to get making more monsters for my business idea! I am having trouble getting jumpers to felt and as this was the new idea behind making them i kind of feel I cant get anywhere. I will have to start making more of an effort to traul the charity shops next week.


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