Well, its been a manic couple of months, we finally got round to buying the house which has been great but very involved. We are finally getting to a bit more of a state of normality but there has been little time for crafting and even less time to update a blog. There have been a couple of projects on the go, a new monster, some catnip creatures and a bit of machine sewing as well as other things. I will finally have a craft room, but for now it seems to have become the ‘dumping ground’ for all the things we don’t know where they will live yet so even getting at the supplies to make things is proving very difficult.

On the plus side, we are much more settled in now and a lot of the decorating has been done. We have also aquired 3 cats, a one year old boy named Pippin and two four month old male kittens currently named scamp and leo. Needless to say this has made things even more manic but they are gorgeous and lots of fun to be around.

I have been taking some photos of the few bits I have made over the past few months so hopefully can get round to putting them up here soon and updating the Etsy site with some new additions so watch this space.


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