Cute Little Pincushion

The last thing I have to show off for the minute is this cute little red riding hood pincushion. I am one of those dreadful hoarders who can never throw anything away so I had been looking for a way to create something pretty with these, that would also give me a bit more practice in sewing, I came across this pattern on the sew, mama, sew blog,its so lovely I had to make one, and here is the finished result. I absolutly loved making this, it was so quick and easy and is so satisfying to look at. I think there will be many more of these cropping up in the future.

I think that’s about it for the updates at the minute, as I said I’ve been so busy with moving I haven’t had much time for craft. With any luck there will be a bit more activity now and I’m quit excited to get some stuff done.


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One response to “Cute Little Pincushion

  1. CC

    I love your pincushion…..sure hope mine looks as good

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