Smitty the Kitty

Yay, Im on the net đŸ™‚ so here goes at updating on a few things I have been up to lately. I am gong to do these in date order of first made first posted.

Firstly we have Smitty the Kitty monster and some friends. Smitty is obviously a monster inspired by cats. He is made of soft red fleece with some gorgeous green and brown tree fabric for ears and tail. My sister very kindly gave me some offcuts of fabric she has been using lately so I could add them to these little fluffy friends. Smitty is accompanied by two felt monster hairclips (yes I do have a small obsession) these are actually quite large clips though its not so easy to tell in the pic. The monsters are made of hand felted merino wool, cut and hand stitched with small embroidered faces. The last little fellow in this image is a catnip monster made from an old recycled sweater. He was such a brave monster but sadly due to his delicate exterior he met a timely demise, RIP my catnip friend.


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