Retro party pouch

I have finished my retro fabric pouch, I just love this fabric and I’m sure one of those bunnies has a shotgun!

I also used a retro fabric for the inside with small delicate blue and red flowers on a pale background. Again, this was one of those fabrics that is about as old as me. I Know my mum made me a cot blanket out of this fabricwith an applique cockerel on so I find it such a pleasure to use the scraps of these.

There are a couple of things wrong with this pouch though, mainly is that the corners of the zip could have gone better. I am not sure if I have it facing the wrong way when I sewed it together or if there was some other problem but I guess I just need some practice. The second thing is that because the outer fabric is so old and quite thin there are a couple of flaws in it. One floor is that there are some imperfections and pulls in the fabric itself, I have made it more sturdy by ironing interfacing to this side as well but it is visible on the outside. The second is that because it has been scrunched up in a box for so long I am on the 5th Ironing of this fabric and the crinkles still don’t come out. I will probably re-washing the pouch and re-ironing. As this pouch isnt perfect, I am not going to attempt to sell it, but might make it a present to my sister as she used to love the rabbits on this fabric when we were kids.


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