Gifts for me and gifts for others

Last week I got another lovely parcel from Japan, some fabulous natural linen fabric with bright blue printed Elephants. I love this fabric and it is so lovely to just look at but as much as I love looking at these things, I actually bought the fabric for an idea I have in mind for one of my xmas gifts, which obviously means I can’t blog all about it!

I was also so pleased when I opened the package and the sender had included these so sweet hello kitty note papers as a little gift. The little touched make it all that extra special.

I also have one other thing to blog about, that obviously, after our little get together the other evening I have a knitting project on the go! It is going quite slowly as it is mostly being created in my lunch hours at work but its coming along and is not going to be a big project.

Here is a picture of where I am up too to give an idea, however again, this is to be a surprise gift so I cant really blog what it is yet! All I will say is that it is a gift for my good friends soon to be born child.

And that’s it for the minute, mummydaddy are on their way round with my grandad so I best take my leave.


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