Hello 2009!

Hi all, sorry for being missing from cyberspace for some time. I regret that most of my time lately has been spent playing computer games instead of crafting and I haven’t had much in the way of inspiration. I have also been enjoying the summer and have turned my hand to gardening! I think I am getting a little obsessed by it now ,who would have thought.

Now, my wonderful friend Alys Power, who makes fabulous jewellery, is going to be having an open studioin her home with some guest crafters and so I decided what better way  to leap into the selling world than in the good hands of a good friend. I started off thinking ‘not enough time’ just make anything out of what you have in the house, but after doing that for a couple of days it fully gave me my inspiration back for making monsters!


So above is a full range of catnip monsters, they are small and cute but I have to admit I don’t love them as much as I do my proper monsters! There are currently a few new Monsters in the making and I will update with a pic of these soon, I plan to have a photo shoot with them, so we will who has the biggest ego! I have definitely progressed though now, and wherever possible, I am sewing the monsters on the machine instead of by hand. They may not be 100% perfect but they are filled with charm.

So for now I have best stop typing and start sewing and I promise to blog my new monsters soon. I will also update the shop after the open studio on Sunday 12th July so I know what I have left.


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