An Inspiration!

I love it when you sit down with a few things in front of you, and after just a few moments and no real thinking at all ,you start to create something fabulous. This is my favourite kind of inspiration, and it happened to me this week. I went off to my local haberdashery the other day and there was a bundle of lace for 40p, I thought, well, I might as well have some of that. I got it out the bag the other day and looked at it, the next thing I know I had created these two lovely little creatures. I call them Owlbeasts, nothing like the ones in wow mind, but the name fits them nicely, Sarah, I think you might like these!


I think they are so cute, and they are perfect keyring size so I bought some keyring fobs and thats what they are. As I now need to move into actually trying to sell things I figured I might as well make a few more in some different colours. After a few hours work and many cups of tea you can see the end result, and that I think I may have got a little carried away 🙂

owlbeasts all

I did spend a bit too much time on these little fellows though, and It meant I have not had much time to make any larger plush this weekend but I have some evenings in the week to do that. Also, today I baked! Orange and Ginger cookies, they are so yummy and still soft in the middle. Now I just have to try and moderate myself to one at a time which is much easier said than done!

biccies 004



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2 responses to “An Inspiration!

  1. annaelizc

    They are so cute! 🙂

  2. Sarahowl

    i bloody love these owl beasts! how can i get one? …seriously, i want to buy one!

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