Mothering Sunday

Had a lovely weekend if not a very busy one. Saturday consisted mostly of some shopping, chopping the conifers and a bit of relax time. The conifers were a nightmare but happy to have them done.

Sunday obviously was much more important being mothers day. It was lovely visiting both the Mums, I think and hoped they liked their gifts and as usual thanked them for being fabulous mothers. Much to my surprise my mum had also bought me a gift, this wonderful Amigurumi book which she apparently saw and thought of me! There is a pic of it here along with the ones which I think are my fave in the book. Hopefully get around to making some of these in the near future.

After doing the rounds Sunday afternoon gave me a chance to do a much awaiting monster photoshoot in a hope to revamp the folksy shop. I am really pleased with the results, I only took the full view shots and would like to set up again for some close up detailed shots before I actually upload them to folksy and facebook. I have put a couple of these on the bottom of the post I hope you like them. After the shoot I then went on to the two large new yeti’s in white. Many hours, 3 needles and a lot of patience later I have managed to get them almost completed. Unfortunately I have run out of stuffing and so haven’t quiet completed either, otherwise I would blog these for you now. I will put some pics up of these as soon as they are done.


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