Inspiration part 1 – Blobby Farm

I think Monster Magic originated after I bought the ‘Plushorama’ book, I took so much joy and inspiration from this book, as well as learning some techniques. I thought it might be nice to share some of the other plush designers out there with you all, the ones which I think have most influenced me. I thought it might be nice to do these in small sections so I am going to start off with Blobby Farm.

I absolutely love the work of Blobby Farm, unfortunately they stopped plushing in 2007 but I am so pleased that the website is still active. I love nipping over there when I have a spare moment to bath in all the fabulous colours and quirky faces! Its very hard to pick a favourite Blobby, but I think that I have to say I like Blobzilla the best! The things I like best about Blobby Farm has to be that no two Blobbies are the same, you can tell alot of love went into making these. I really enjoy how they use cut out pieces of fleece to add pattern, colour and interest to the Blobbies. These really are quiet simple but so very very effective.

So pop over and have a look at the fabulous Blobby Farm website –, there is lots there besides the Blobbies (but why would you need any more?) and I hope you can get as much inspiration from them as I do. Hey, why not even have a go at making a Blobby of your own?


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