Inspiration part 2 – My Paper Crane

I hope everyone had a lovely week, I had a great time at the apples and pears craft fair yesterday at the Art Organisation in Nottingham, and many thanks to the lovely couple who bought the grey yeti, I am so pleased he has a happy home :).

This week I am going to share with you My Paper Crane. The type of plush is not all that similar to mine, but as inspiration goes, these are pretty fabulous. I absolutely love the ethos behind this plush: Plush toilet, why? why not! That is exactly what I think plush should be, it doesn’t have to be all teddy bears and bunny rabbits and so I just love the element of quirkyness in her work. I think the plush toilet has to be my favorite piece so far, but I also love the moldy bread! it looks so sad, and makes me feel so sorry for them. Below is a few samples of her work.

If you want to have a look at some more of the fabulous work of My Paper Crane you can find their website here, Etsy shop here and Flickr account here. I strongly suggest you go and have a nose at the Flickr account, sooooo much inspiration for me there.


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