Grey Yeti’s inc.

So this week went to plan, I managed to finish the two grey Yeti’s off, they are really nice colour combo’s, I like them a lot. I especially like the Grey and Purple one Mmmmm delish, its going to be hard to sell that one!

On the down side, I broke my Digital SLR this week šŸ˜¦ So annoyed at myself, the tripod fell over knocking the zoom and now it wont retract booo. I do at least have the point and shoot digital but it will never take as good quality picks as the other. Hopefully we will go and find out about repairs at the weekend, hopefully it wont cost me an arm and a leg!

I am currently, optimistically, busy sewing away in prep for Christmas, I know it is a bit of a way off and seems a little insane in September, but with not having loads of spare time it sort of seems sensible to be making a start now. I think it does mean I am going to have to have a sort out in my craft room, I am fast running out of empty shelves to put stock on which is not filled up with other craft items. Alternatively I need to beg the other half to put more shelves up!

Now I just have to decide what next weeks goal is, do I try to finish off theĀ reindeer’sĀ which are cut out but need machining (those antlers take an age!), do I get on and make a few more of the apples which I want to do, and am aware I have been slack at taking a good pic of these, Make some more yeti’s, of which I think I need to make at least 3 more just at the minute, or do I do some Batty’s as my stock is very low and we are nearing Halloween? So much to do, but not right now! xxx



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2 responses to “Grey Yeti’s inc.

  1. Karabumble

    Hiya…. I met you and Socksy beasts at Run to the Hills. I absolutely love all of your creations. Think I will need to invest in a yeti at some time soon. Good luck with everything. Kara.

  2. Corky'C

    :’) OMG! They Are SOOOO Cute! I Have Loved Yeti’s For So Long!! <333

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