A bit of compulsive fabric sale shopping!

Who can resist a January Sale, especially when it comes in the form of fabric!


My first purchase, admittedly pre-sales, was MORE fabric from Emma’s Fabric Studio, This place really is amazing and I think I might get addicted. The cupcake and green/pink fabric have been purchased to make a tea cosy for my new teapot (which is in the shape of a cupcake omg!), The spotted fabric on top I don’t remember ordering so I am going to presume that this was a gift, which means I am even more impressed with this shop. I just need to find an online tutorial now to make the tea cosy!


My next lot is a couple of fabrics I bought in a actual sale, I just love the scissors. I actually have no intention for these whatsoever they were just really pretty. And this little lot is not by any means the last of it, I bought a whole other bundle in a sale which I am still waiting for in the mail. A lovely blue/grey and yellow set which I was thinking new cushions for the living room, but I am not 100% sure if it will be this or something completely different. I will let you see this when it turns up.



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One response to “A bit of compulsive fabric sale shopping!

  1. Gorgeousness! I love all of those fabrics, so off I trot to Emma’s Fabric Studio to spend the mortgage payments hehe!! Sammy 🙂

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