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To craft a wedding

Well it looks like I will be getting married this year! Now I am not the kind of person who has always had a dream wedding in my head, in fact quiet the opposite. The idea of all this planning and cost and this very contemplation of a theme has quiet frankly scared the living daylights out of me! I mean since October I have been trying to work out just what me and Chris are like so I can come up with a theme and I just haven’t been able to muster one up. The only one thing I have been certain on the whole way through is that I want to try and craft as much of it as is humanly possible, that and I think it is just going to be a case of anything goes, as long as it either bright, cheery or a little bit daft. So from now on this blog will be a homage to this mammoth task, a place to collect my thoughts and maybe vent my stresses :). Wish me luck…


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Delving into Quilting

When I look at quilting on the Internet, I am not a huge fan of a lot of the quilts I see out there, though I don’t disrespect the time and effort that must have gone in to some of those pieces. But on the other hand, there are some truly lovely pieces out there, and this was something I really wanted to have a bash at after seeing the gorgeous fabric bundles on Emma’s Fabric Studio which I could not resist buying! So after purchasing two bundles: ‘Pugwash‘ and a Halloween stack which I can no longer see available, but is pictured in my blog a few posts back, I embarked on a tutorial free effort at a quilt for my new nephew as well as a Halloween one for myself!



I certainly learnt a few things along the way which I will need to improve on, so I don’t think this will be the last ones I make (I already have plenty of projects in mind, and I don’t think this will do any favours for my fat quarter obsession!) The biggest thing being that I loved the fabric so much I didn’t want to make the pieces too small, but in hindsight they are a bit bulky and obvious, and a bit less ‘quiltey’. But I must say, the most useful thing I picked up is using fabric spray glue to hold your layers together! Oh my is this easier that using 1 million pins!

I also had a play with a few of the leftover ‘scraps’ and some white children’s vests, which I dyed in the machine with a box of dylon (along with my favourite black jeans which were not looking so black any more . And made these cute little vests for my nephew. I am really quiet pleased with how they turned out to say this was a little last minute project.



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Fabric Badge/Brooch/Hair Clip Tutorial









One of the comments I got back from the fabric in the post below was a friend wanting me to make one of the characters into a badge/brooch for a friend. I had a look at other tutorials on the net and found a few brooch ones but most of these involved turning fabric into a flower or sewing buttons/lace on etc to make them look pretty. These were all very good tutorials, but didn’t really serve the purpose I wanted, as they all obscured from the fabric a bit. So I trialled and errored and have written this tutorial for you.

1. First, find a fabric with some characters, illustrations, prints, flowers, anything you like, this is the fabric I choose:










2. Next, roughly cut around the design you wish to use. Cut from felt one piece the same size as the pattern you have just cut, and a rectangle just smaller than this design. You will also need cut 3 pieces of interfacing to fit on the pieces you have just cut out. You can get away without the interfacing, but I would suggest you use a stronger fabric than felt for the backing.









3. Iron the interfacing to the cut pieces (be careful the felt doesn’t melt, I lightly pressed on the back of the interfacing on a low heat)









4. With wrong sides together and using a very small straight stitch sew the outer image to the larger piece of felt as neatly as possible. You can hand stitch this if you prefer.










5. Carefully trim around the design cutting all layers. If, like mine, your fabric is cotton you will notice some fraying around the edges. You can buy special glue/no fray solutions to stop this and these will work perfectly. I however used clear nail varnish on this occasion which seems to have done the trick to stop any fraying.









6. Cut the rectangle of felt you made earlier just smaller than the back of the design and place this lengthwise. Neatly hand stitch the top and bottom on to the design being careful to only sew through the backing and not the front. People who know me well will know how much I hate hand stitching and so how much I detest this bit!










And there you have it, all finished.










You can now put safety pins through the backing to make a brooch, or hair pins to make a pretty hair clip, the world is your oyster.

I hope you liked my little tutorial, it was very simple I know but I hadn’t found anything on the internet which was similar. Please feel free to make these to your hearts content. If you do make one I would love to see your finished products so please post a comment underneath so I can take a goosey.

Happy Sewing

Monster Magic xx

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Looking for inspiration

So those that know me will know I have been struggling with motivation for quiet some time. Im not sure if this is just down to me finding other things in life I want to do instead, it’s been a busy year already, or the battle with UK regulations which has forced so many of us into a brick wall. But on a much happier note it looks like all it took was a cuppa with the sister in law, and a trip out with the mother in law to a stitches exhibition, and I am all fired up to go again. Yippee!

So what am I going to do? That is the next question. Following the visit to the stitches fair I got bought a pattern to make up a quilted cat. I really fancied trying my hand at something different and I just love the kittie, it really reminds me of little Leo. So off I went on the net in search of some fabric to make this up and I got completely sidetracked by this:

Isn’t it amazing! I am in love with this fabric and am so happily to have it now. I bought it from Emma’s Fabric Studio and it was a lovely super fast service so I would recommend and will likely be buying more from them in the future. Now the question is just what an earth am I going to make with it as I can’t make the cat quilt now? I have already had one suggestion from a friend that wants a brooch making from one of the cat sections. Time to trawl through some tutorials and see what I can see. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Other than that I have just been trying to tidy my craft room up to help organise and inspire me. It was that much of a tip though it is taking me days! I will have to post some pics again when it is spic and span as there is so much more clutter in there than when I first posted. Let’s also see if having an iOS app actually helps me keep this site up to date, fingers crossed.

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A long time coming

Hi everyone, well that one month break at Christmas went on a little longer than I expected, life stuff, and lack of motivation have kept me away for a bit longer than it should really. However, thanks to seeing some of the great work some of my plushy friends out there have been doing, I am happy to say that I am feeling the urge a bit again. I think this time round though I will stick a bit more with web sales rather than trying to go all out and do a craft fair every week which just drained me with working full time as well.









So today I decided to get my toes wet again and made up this adorable fluffy batty cushion, it is very similar to my other batty designs but bigger, fluffier and more cuddly 🙂 . It is a little more on the cushion theme which is the direction my work seems to be taking.










I do realise that there are a few of you out there who are after a yeti so I do aim to make up a few now as soon as possible (though you know they take me an age!), so dare I say it, watch this space.

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Thursday – Reindeers

These guys seemed to take an age, but I suppose it will trying to make 9 things at once! I love them now they are finished though. And the best thing about preparing your Xmas stock, getting the Xmas tree out in August to photograph them <3.

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New Ice Cream Cushions

As some of you may have already noticed from Facebook and Flickr I have been making some Ice Cream Cushions! I love these to bits they are so cute, I just want to go and make lots lots more! But for now there are a small few until I find a few more spare hours. Anyways, here they are, and they are now listed on Etsy as well!

Now it is time to go and put a few more long overdue items in the shop!

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