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A lot started, little finished

I have been really bad at blogging again! So very sorry. And in my own true style, I have started a lot of projects, but finished very few of them! I thought I would nip on and show you a couple of the things I have been up too however. So at least you can see I am doing something… even if I am not getting very far.

ImageFirst of all, we have these lovely little felt hearts on sticks. I really do have a hate hate relationship with hand sewing, but it is something which I can get on with at work on my lunch so is a good project that I keep dipping in to. I have made about 35 of these bad boys so far in various colours but I think I need about 100 of them in total. My plan is to put these in recycled glass bottles to become a part of the table decoration.


The other thing I have been up to is making tiny little origami ‘lucky stars’ I love how these look under glass and they are so sweet. The idea as well as that they are supposed to be lucky, especially in terms of ‘love’ so I really like the idea of having these scattered on the tables, or maybe in jars or glasses. I have however only filled two ‘small’ jars so far. This might be me biting off more than I can chew!

I do have some other bits and bobs on the go. Collecting jars and bottles, and considering how these can be made to look prettier. Myself and my mum are trying to plan growing some late flowering plants in a hope the frost wont kill them off before the day. I am not planning on using a florist  and my initial plan was not to have any real flowers at all. I want the bouquets to be hand made by me and my bridesmaids with fabric flowers, buttons, feathers, sparkly things. So the addition of the grown flowers will be nice if it works, but I am not going to rely on the UK weather keeping them alive until the end of October. It is a nice thing to be planning with my mum though and feels like we are working towards something else. My sister in law has also started the prep for making my dress which is very exciting! This is obviously the bit I cant wait to see finished. 



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