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Delving into Quilting

When I look at quilting on the Internet, I am not a huge fan of a lot of the quilts I see out there, though I don’t disrespect the time and effort that must have gone in to some of those pieces. But on the other hand, there are some truly lovely pieces out there, and this was something I really wanted to have a bash at after seeing the gorgeous fabric bundles on Emma’s Fabric Studio which I could not resist buying! So after purchasing two bundles: ‘Pugwash‘ and a Halloween stack which I can no longer see available, but is pictured in my blog a few posts back, I embarked on a tutorial free effort at a quilt for my new nephew as well as a Halloween one for myself!



I certainly learnt a few things along the way which I will need to improve on, so I don’t think this will be the last ones I make (I already have plenty of projects in mind, and I don’t think this will do any favours for my fat quarter obsession!) The biggest thing being that I loved the fabric so much I didn’t want to make the pieces too small, but in hindsight they are a bit bulky and obvious, and a bit less ‘quiltey’. But I must say, the most useful thing I picked up is using fabric spray glue to hold your layers together! Oh my is this easier that using 1 million pins!

I also had a play with a few of the leftover ‘scraps’ and some white children’s vests, which I dyed in the machine with a box of dylon (along with my favourite black jeans which were not looking so black any more . And made these cute little vests for my nephew. I am really quiet pleased with how they turned out to say this was a little last minute project.




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