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To craft a wedding

Well it looks like I will be getting married this year! Now I am not the kind of person who has always had a dream wedding in my head, in fact quiet the opposite. The idea of all this planning and cost and this very contemplation of a theme has quiet frankly scared the living daylights out of me! I mean since October I have been trying to work out just what me and Chris are like so I can come up with a theme and I just haven’t been able to muster one up. The only one thing I have been certain on the whole way through is that I want to try and craft as much of it as is humanly possible, that and I think it is just going to be a case of anything goes, as long as it either bright, cheery or a little bit daft. So from now on this blog will be a homage to this mammoth task, a place to collect my thoughts and maybe vent my stresses :). Wish me luck…


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My Folklore Cushions

Around 6 months ago I bought some gorgeous My Folklore fabric designed by Lecien. I absolutely love this fabric and have been meaning to cover some cushions in it since we started looking to buy. Well considering we still haven’t got the Sofa I have been in no rush but last night I finally got round to sewing them. I imported the fabric from Germany, why is it so difficult to get these lovely fabrics in the UK?

And here are the finished cushions. I am so very pleased with them and can’t understand why I didn’t get round to this sooner. They are 50cm/20in feather cushion inserts and the covers include a zip across the bottom edge for easy removal and washing in the future. These pictures also give a sneak peak into the colour of my craft room 🙂 although this was about all that was in the room. I also have some off cuts left, and expect to see some bits and bobs appearing in this fabric soon just because I love it so much. those birds are so cute.


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A glorious week off :)

Well it is finally the end of my glorious week off, and what do I have to show for it? absolutely nothing! But that was kind of the point, having been so busy over the past weeks we both just had a week off to chill out and do nothing at all.

Having said that I have NOTHING to show for it is a little bit of a lie though. I made a pouch which is shown below and i know its not very exciting (another pouch) but this one has a flat bottom so was a bit of practising and was not as easy as the other one.

It is made of some vintage scrap fabric, it reminds me of a wash bag so I guess that is what it will be.

One other thing I have done today with my extra day off is I have now painted my craft room! so all it needs now is some furniture and then the most exciting bit, the unpacking. I can’t wait to get it all finished. It is painted ‘mint’ and at the minute looks a bit cold, but im sure once it has some stuff in it it will be gorgeous.

Thats it for now, I am hoping to get the shop updated, and the craft room finished by next weekend.

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