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Delving into Quilting

When I look at quilting on the Internet, I am not a huge fan of a lot of the quilts I see out there, though I don’t disrespect the time and effort that must have gone in to some of those pieces. But on the other hand, there are some truly lovely pieces out there, and this was something I really wanted to have a bash at after seeing the gorgeous fabric bundles on Emma’s Fabric Studio which I could not resist buying! So after purchasing two bundles: ‘Pugwash‘ and a Halloween stack which I can no longer see available, but is pictured in my blog a few posts back, I embarked on a tutorial free effort at a quilt for my new nephew as well as a Halloween one for myself!



I certainly learnt a few things along the way which I will need to improve on, so I don’t think this will be the last ones I make (I already have plenty of projects in mind, and I don’t think this will do any favours for my fat quarter obsession!) The biggest thing being that I loved the fabric so much I didn’t want to make the pieces too small, but in hindsight they are a bit bulky and obvious, and a bit less ‘quiltey’. But I must say, the most useful thing I picked up is using fabric spray glue to hold your layers together! Oh my is this easier that using 1 million pins!

I also had a play with a few of the leftover ‘scraps’ and some white children’s vests, which I dyed in the machine with a box of dylon (along with my favourite black jeans which were not looking so black any more . And made these cute little vests for my nephew. I am really quiet pleased with how they turned out to say this was a little last minute project.




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Looking for inspiration

So those that know me will know I have been struggling with motivation for quiet some time. Im not sure if this is just down to me finding other things in life I want to do instead, it’s been a busy year already, or the battle with UK regulations which has forced so many of us into a brick wall. But on a much happier note it looks like all it took was a cuppa with the sister in law, and a trip out with the mother in law to a stitches exhibition, and I am all fired up to go again. Yippee!

So what am I going to do? That is the next question. Following the visit to the stitches fair I got bought a pattern to make up a quilted cat. I really fancied trying my hand at something different and I just love the kittie, it really reminds me of little Leo. So off I went on the net in search of some fabric to make this up and I got completely sidetracked by this:

Isn’t it amazing! I am in love with this fabric and am so happily to have it now. I bought it from Emma’s Fabric Studio and it was a lovely super fast service so I would recommend and will likely be buying more from them in the future. Now the question is just what an earth am I going to make with it as I can’t make the cat quilt now? I have already had one suggestion from a friend that wants a brooch making from one of the cat sections. Time to trawl through some tutorials and see what I can see. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Other than that I have just been trying to tidy my craft room up to help organise and inspire me. It was that much of a tip though it is taking me days! I will have to post some pics again when it is spic and span as there is so much more clutter in there than when I first posted. Let’s also see if having an iOS app actually helps me keep this site up to date, fingers crossed.

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And the verdict…

Well a big thank you to everyone, especially Alys and Orlando for the weekend, I did actually manage to make some sales which I think is fab!  Here you can see a pic of all the plush monsters in their photo shoot before they went off to sale. Don’t they all look gorgeous! My fave is definitely Booberella in the yellow down the front.


The purchased monsters definitely favoured around the cat like ones. Although this is lovely as I love them all, I do wish some of the more unique ones were more popular. Betty as every was well loved though, who can resist her fluffyness!

So now I need to move on and make more. Obviously I will make new versions of the sold ones and will prob make some of the popular ones in a variety of colours  to appeal to a wider audience. I also decided that I needed a smaller monster range in the ‘I love those, but I’m not sure I want to spend that much’ market. This, the fact I love the colours and shape of Booberella and that my new handbag needed some brightening up have all inspired me to make the first experiment into plush monster keyrings.

keychain 1

I do absolutely love her,  she is appox 3 inch square, and I can’t wait to perade her around on my handbag tomorrow :).  She needs a little working on, as you can see her claw on one side has got sewn up which I need to try and avoid. Also, I think that next time I will embroider the face on. It is nice to be able to machine it on, but I am not a fan of the X eyes, they are not really cute enough and it is hard to machine sew anything else on such a small scale.

Well, I will be back soon with some more updates. Alys may be taking the monsters to a craft fair at the weekend so we will see how that goes as well. Also Harry Potter on Weds! I can’t wait 😀

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I dropped my shop off :)

I’m a little excited now as I have now dropped all my Monster Magic items off for the Open Studio on Sunday. I can’t wait to see how it goes and to go and view them all on sale.  I am also looking forward to viewing the other items that will also be on offer there.

I would love to stick a picture on here of what will be there but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone that may be in attendance.

Lets hope it all goes well.

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Craft room is pretty much complete!


My craft room is pretty much completed now after Chris wonderfully put my final shelves and hooks up for me! I love it so much, it is exactly as I pictured it in my head and I now just love to go in there and sit down and look around.

The only things left are to change the desk to white, which will involve some laborious sanding and to get a chair in there, for which I am going to knit a throw for. I also have a tele coming from my grandad so soon I will have no reason to leave (well apart from to make cups of tea of course).









I have also finished the knitted item i was making, so once i have completed one more thing and actually seen my friend to give them as a gift I can blog away about them.

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Gifts for me and gifts for others

Last week I got another lovely parcel from Japan, some fabulous natural linen fabric with bright blue printed Elephants. I love this fabric and it is so lovely to just look at but as much as I love looking at these things, I actually bought the fabric for an idea I have in mind for one of my xmas gifts, which obviously means I can’t blog all about it!

I was also so pleased when I opened the package and the sender had included these so sweet hello kitty note papers as a little gift. The little touched make it all that extra special.

I also have one other thing to blog about, that obviously, after our little get together the other evening I have a knitting project on the go! It is going quite slowly as it is mostly being created in my lunch hours at work but its coming along and is not going to be a big project.

Here is a picture of where I am up too to give an idea, however again, this is to be a surprise gift so I cant really blog what it is yet! All I will say is that it is a gift for my good friends soon to be born child.

And that’s it for the minute, mummydaddy are on their way round with my grandad so I best take my leave.

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Bank Holiday

This is not a very long post but yesterday I made Chris drive me to Ikea which he was not very happy about! But we bought all the shelves that I wanted for my craft room. I should really have measured the width of the room as well as the length and the height though because we nearly couldn’t stand it up! But they are up, and I have unpacked so much stuff to them now it looks great, I just like to go and stand in there and look.

I’m not going to blog any pictures of it today because it still isn’t finished. Still need to pick the desk up from my mum and dads and there is a smaller set of shelves to put up. Hopefully we will sort that next weekend.


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